Derek Austin Johnson
1 min readSep 26, 2022


Why have I not yet talked about David Cronenberg?

Cronenberg is one of the few directors working in our out of horror that regularly visits the theme of body horror, which is exactly what it sounds like: stories finding horror within the body, often serving as a metaphor for anything from aging to disfigurement — an uncomfortable theme, but one Cronenberg uses to incredible effect throughout his movies, in everything from his first features Shivers and Rabid, to my personal favorite, Videodrome.

Made at the beginning of the home video revolution, Videodrome tells the story of a cable company executive who becomes obsessed with a series of pirate broadcasts showcasing a series of filmed tortures. As he watches these images, hallucinations take hold of his mind, and his body begins to transform in harrowing ways.

It can be a difficult movie to watch, but beneath the grotesque imagery is a statement about media, its impact on society, and how we view the world.

Do you have a favorite body horror movie? Do you have a favorite David Cronenberg movie? Let me know in the comments.